Dr. Nobakht, Vice President and Head of the Planning and Budget Organization at the Coordination Meeting for connection of national railway to Caspian port complex of Anzali Free Zone, by the end of next year. Because of importance of this project, we will use all capacities to accelerate and complete this national and transnational project. In the next step, the rails will be connected to Capian port complex of  Anzali Free Zone in the next year, and connecting the rail to Anzali Free Zone port will allow the Persian Gulf to connect to the Caspian Sea, in this way, the Caspian Sea and its border countries will be connected to the world. The head of the country’s planning and budget organization emphasized on important role of Anzali Free Zone in developing exchanges and transaction with the Caspian littoral countries, in regard to created infrastructures and the strategic position of this region and international trading corridors. By connecting the rail to the harbors of the area as a unique infrastructure project, we can export our goods to China and even European countries, these activities will increase the currency income for the country.

Vice President pointed to the process of land acquisition in Rasht-Anzali railway track in the shortest possible time by executive agencies and contractors, By May of this year, land acquisition must be done, and by taken measures of the Free Zone Anzali  in land acquisition 2-kilometer railway track inside its area required caused acceleration for completion of the project.

It is worth mentioning that  reports was delivered by administrators of provincial executive organizations and consultant and contractor companies at this specialized meeting with attendance of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Organization, Governor of Gilan, representatives of the people of Anzali and Rasht in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, heads of the Ministry of Roads, and Dr. Nobakhte and his accompanying boards visited from  Caspian port complex  and railway path to Anzali Free Zone.