Launched in Gilan in 2019, the Green Land campaign aims to improve the urban environment by reducing carbon emissions. Under the slogan ‘Low-carbon Transportation, Ride a Bike, Save My City,’ the campaign has taken the lead in improving the environment in major cities suffering from severe air pollution, starting with gilan port city, Anzali.

 As of October 2017, the Green Bicycle has been held four times in total in Iran cities such as Astara , Sarain , and sobatan , with each occasion joined by about 100 local customers, who volunteered
to promote Shana holding’s vision of a green life by riding Bicycles across the downtown area. Shana holding plans to gradually expand the program to cover not only Iran’s Tier 1 cities but also Tier 2 and 3 cities, expecting to establish itself as a global brand that leads the way in environmental protection.