The dealer network “SHANA” sold more than 14.5 million texture and fashion goods or 4.5% of this market in Iran in 2018.

Last year was difficult and ambiguous for the clothing market.  At the beginning of the year was a promising growth which  replaced by a fall at the end.

As a result, by the end of the year, the clothing market declined by 12% compared with 2017.

Despite the pressure in the market for economy and trading spaces in Iran last year, the SHANA retail network significantly strengthened its position, increasing sales by almost 200k.

Today, the retail network “SHANA” operates 4 store in which all brands are manufactured or imported by Shana Trading.

For several years in a retail network, sales priority has been owned by the our national products “SHANA”, which is located on  Anzali freezone.

“Last year, we focused on the development of IT solutions that allow us to improve the quality and speed of the production and services provided and provide an opportunity to interact with customers, staying in touch and providing support 24/7.

Аll the clients of retail and B2B network “SHANA” will feel the result  of this work.

The main priorities of the company for 2019 are determined by the leading positions on development of business network in franchising model , the development of the trade-in direction, as well as the high-quality service for a huge number of our customers and partners.

SHANA in 2019 plans to develop his network and categories in qualitative and quantitative terms.