inauguration of  10 infrastructure, manufacturing and service projects with an investment of 1919 billion Riyals, with employment  of 450 people and operation of two new dock with investment of 1,000 billion riyals  done by private sector and providing job opportunity for 60 people coincidence  with the presence of President and cabinet members in Guilan province  trough video conference with the presence of Dr. Bank Advisor of president and secretariat of  high council of free zones of country in the  international exhibition of the Anzali Free Zone.

two out of four dock that are being built by the private sector in this area, was inaugurated through video conference officially, this dock cost 500 billion riyals and direct employment for 30 people, also begins operation of two other docks of the Caspian port complex with the investment of 1,000 billion riyals of private sector, which created job for 60 people.

8  silos with a capacity of 30 000 tons, with investments of 350 billion riyals of private sector and employment for 20 people in the backyard of the Caspian port complex is another project that opened officially, On the other hand, 2 fuel tanks with 14,000 square meters capacity and 200 billion riyals investment of the private sector and employment of 15 people, that also exploited.

The official opening of two indoor warehouses with a capacity of 10,000 square meters and the investment of 170 billion riyals of private sector, which has created job for 20 people, four oil tanks are officially opened with a capacity of 14100 square meters, this investment plan, with 100 billion riyals investment of private sector and job opportunity for 10 people.

Mr. Masrour also explained about other industrial and manufacturing projects including Four investment projects in garment industry, aquaculture, MDF production with melamine coating, production of flavored drinking water and packaging and processing of edible seeds with an investment volume about 100 billion riyals of the private sector, which provides jobs for over 80 people opened by president.

The Southern Phase of the Brand center Complex with area of 13700 square meters and employment of 250 people with investment of 500 billion riyals are among the projects was opened during president trip.