In the national festival of 100 customer-oriented units, “hoopoe” was selected as one of the top 100 customer-oriented organizations in the country.

In this ceremony, which was held on February 19, 2017, due to the outstanding services of this company in the development and standardization of the service industry; This statue was awarded to the hoopoe brand, including the writing of six standard service books and the important role of the company in the training and development of human resources in order to improve services.


In this ceremony, managers of some government agencies, entrepreneurs, managers of production units and private sector economic enterprises, while explaining the importance of “customer orientation” in order to strengthen the economy and help optimize and increase the quality of products and services, transferred their experiences in their field.



“One of the most important tasks and guidelines of the hoopoe Collection is to evaluate every second of each customer,” said Shahriar Shahir Barzegar, CEO of hoopoe. To this end, the opening of “hoopoe Academy” to train human resources to standardize services, establish an inspection team, monitor and record complaints, criticisms and suggestions and implement an up-to-date CRM system is one of the most important infrastructures of this brand for domestic and international development. “He deserves to receive this statue.”


It is worth mentioning that the transfer of knowledge and experiences of Iranian professionals and entrepreneurs with the aim of developing and promoting a culture of “customer orientation” and increasing customer satisfaction and quality in competitive national and international markets, explaining the position of product quality and productivity, while respecting consumer rights. And services and providing new solutions and strengthening the strategies of the organization to meet the needs of customers, are among the goals of this event, which was held for the second consecutive year.