March 12, 1999, coinciding with the day of the Prophet’s resurrection, a ceremony attended by a group of doctors, experts, hairdressers and other professionals in the Iranian beauty industry, hoopoe Academy, (specialized training center for beauty and beauty), He started working in Tehran Enqelab Sports Complex.

“This commitment to services is not possible without the provision of a qualified and trained workforce,” said the director of hoopoe Academy, emphasizing the hoopoe brand’s focus on providing the best cosmetics services in all branches.

He added: “The attention of hoopoe brand to education is not only to provide skilled manpower for hoopoe branches, but also to improve the level of education and work in the Iranian beauty industry and will improve the quality of services in this industry many times over.” “These forces can work not only in hoopoe , but also in other halls, and so the standards will rise.”

According to the director of hoopoe Academy, the development of up-to-date topics, the use of international professors, the rigor of acquiring work skills, and the support of students, their commitment to readiness for employment, will be some of the features of these courses.