Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization announced an effort to develop maritime tourism between the one and the Lotus region of the Russian economy.

Speaking on the occasion of Russian Federation National Day in the Russian Consulate in Rasht, Reza Masroor noted, “The development of Russian-Iranian relations is seen as an approach to the policies of high-ranking officials in both countries.”

He congratulated the occasion to Russia’s Consul General in Gilan, and the Russian nation and government, adding, “Russia is an important country in regional and transatlantic relations.”

Expressing that the volume of trade exchanges between the two countries last year amounted to less than 1 percent of Russia’s total foreign trade balance, he emphasized the existence of high capacities in the economic, commercial, tourist and cultural areas for the development of cooperation.

The head of the board of directors of the Anzali Free Zone stated, “The strong will of the two governments is based on the development of relations, an issue that is seen as a strategy in the policies of the high-ranking officials of the two countries and the will of the people.

Referring to the opportunities and capacities of the two countries in the field of tourism, he added, “Given the infrastructure facilities of this region and the special economic zone of Lutus, the development of maritime tourism in the Caspian Sea between Iran and Russia, by relying on the existing capacities in the field of maritime tourism, can lead to a comprehensive expansion of relations between the two countries.